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  1. questionHow does your service work?
    Our service can be summarized in 4 simple steps. 1. You book a trade through your Western Union account to convert funds from one currency to another. 2. You send us funds that need to be converted via the payment method of your choice. 3. We convert the funds to your desired curren ...

  2. questionHow can you offer such competitive rates?
    At Western Union, foreign exchange is our specialty. Foreign exchange providers make their profit through "spread". Since we are the largest non-bank foreign exchange provider, our volumes and operational efficiency allow us to offer a lower spread than traditional banks. The result is a lower ...

  3. questionCan I use Western Union for currency speculation?
    No. The Western Union Online Services platform does not support speculative trading. Our service is designed to facilitate actual payments and international fund transfers between parties. Due to the nature of our business and processes, we cannot accommodate speculative trading.

  4. questionDo I have to install any special software on my computer? What browsers do you support?
    No. Your trading account is web-based and does not require any additional installations. Please note we support both Windows and Mac OS. Microsoft Windows • Internet Explorer (IE), Versions 7 and 8 • Google Chrome • Mozilla Firefox Macintosh • Safari

  5. questionAre there any restrictions on sending or receiving funds?
    Yes. Western Union adheres by strict anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws. Sanctions have been imposed on countries known to have lax banking and financial regulations, as well as upon specially designated nationals (SDN). For additional information, please refer to the fo ...

  6. questionDo you trade at the rates shown on the Currency Converter?
    The rates quoted on the Currency Converter are indication rates only. They do not reflect spreads that are applied to your trading account. To find out what rate you would be offered, please log in to your account for a no obligation quote. Western Union strives to offer the best rates through ...

  7. questionWhat is the maximum amount I can transact?
    There is no maximum amount that you can transact. Your Transaction Limit allows you to place transactions up to your approved limit. If you wish to have your limit increased you can make that request while logged into your account as shown below. You can also call us at 732-694-2257 or in North ...

  8. questionHow do I reset my user name or password?
    Should you forget your user name or password, navigate to the login page. Click on "Login Problems?", which will take you to the screen shown below: Complete this screen and password reset instructions will be sent to the email address you registered to your account within 10 minutes. You will ...

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