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All you need to know about the fees and charges.
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  1. questionAre there any booking fees?
    No. We do not charge any fees for booking a transaction.

  2. questionWhat is the cost of sending an outgoing wire transfer?
    The following fees apply to outgoing wires based on your country of residence: United Kingdom EEA* Countries 12.50 15.00 GBP EUR New Zealand 25.00 NZD Australia 25.00 AUD Canada 22.00 CAD United States 22.00 USD Other 22.00 CAD *EEA - European Economic Area

  3. questionWhat other fees should I be aware of?
    Depending on the nature of your transaction, some charges may be imposed by third party institutions such as banks and payment processors for services rendered. Please note that these charges are beyond our jurisdiction. These fees may include: Sending your funds to Western Union If you have op ...

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