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How can I pay for my trade?

You may choose to send in your payments via the following methods:


Wire Transfer

Wire Transfers are the quickest way to send funds. To use this option, you’d have to initiate a Wire Transfer through your bank. The funds must be sent via an account held by you. Wire Instructions will be provided to you at the time you book your transaction. 

When choosing "Wire" as your payment method, you can in fact use a number of payment methods that do not incur bank fees. 

Some examples of available electronic payment methods are:

Australia and New Zealand:

Several bill payment and online banking payment methods are available, such as BPay and Pay Anyone.  If you wish to send us funds via BPay, you will require the following information:

Custom House Biller Code:        293183
Customer Reference Number:    Please contact us


Online banking Bill Payments are available at most banks in Canada.  Look for “Custom House Ltd.” as a registered biller with your bank.  Please include your Customer ID number as the registered account number.

United Kingdom: 

·         BACS Transfers are typically initiated via online banking.  They are usually free, or incur a nominal fee and take 3-5 business days to reach our account.

·         CHAPS Transfers are initiated in branch and usually incur a fee of approx 10 GBP.  Your funds will normally credit our account within 1-2 business days.

·         Faster Payments Service (FPS) is a new payment method offered in the UK which allows clients to take advantage of the best of both payment options.  The Faster Payments Service allows you to initiate a payment up to 10,000 GBP using your online banking interface.  Like the BACS transfer, the payment is often free.  Unlike the BACS transfer however, the funds will credit our account same day, rather than the 3-5 day timeline.

Faster Payments has been implemented in most banks and building societies.  If you are unsure of whether FPS is available to you, please contact your bank.




Special Instructions



All that offer BPay

Contact to set up a BPay “Customer Reference” number.


Online bill payment

Most, except CIBC

Include your Custom House account number


Bank transfer (Überweisung)


Include your Custom House account number




Use account details provided upon trade confirmation. 



Use account details provided upon trade confirmation.

Faster Payments

Most – check with your institution

Use account details provided upon trade confirmation.

Other regions

Bank transfer may be available


Check with your bank to see if electronic bank transfer to Custom House is available.



Direct Debit

This option is only available if your bank account is held in the United States or Canada. Upon receipt of your authorization, funds are automatically withdrawn from your bank account to Custom House, A Western Union Company. This payment method is both convenient and free.  


Please note that we cannot debit funds from third party accounts.


We do not accept payment by Bank Draft or check, cash or credit card.

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