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What other fees should I be aware of?

Depending on the nature of your transaction, some charges may be imposed by third party institutions such as banks and payment processors for services rendered. Please note that these charges are beyond our jurisdiction.

These fees may include:

Sending your funds to Western Union

If you have opted to pay Western Union via Wire Transfer, your financial institution may charge a fee to forward the funds to our account. Prior to placing your trade, we recommend that you inquire about such fees with your financial institution.


Receiving Wire Transfers

The beneficiary of your funds may be charged a fee to receive a wire by their financial institution. Sometimes, this fee is automatically deducted from the incoming funds, other times a fee is deducted by an intermediary bank. This deduction is outside of our control and may vary depending on the receiving bank or the destination country. 

Initiating a Wire Trace
If you or your beneficiary have not received your wire transfer within the appropriate timeframe (usually 5 business days after the trade has been completed), we can initiate a wire trace. If the investigation confirms that the funds were in fact credited as you directed, a service fee will apply. This fee generally ranges from $50 -$100 USD, depending on charges applied by other banks in the course of tracing the wire in question.


***Some delays may apply depending on the destination of the Wire Transfer.


Sending funds to South Africa

When sending funds to South Africa, in most cases an intermediary bank must be used. In our experience the intermediary banks will deduct a fee of approximately 100 ZAR (approximately USD $17 / EUR 13). To offset this fee, we recommend that you purchase an additional 100 ZAR when booking your transaction.

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