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Where can I find my SWIFT Code or Domestic Routing Code?

When setting up a bank account on your profile, you will be required to enter a SWIFT Code or a Domestic Routing Code.  


**If you have a Canadian or a US bank account, you do not need to enter a SWIFT code.

A SWIFT Code is a unique
identification code of a particular bank, used when transferring cross-border payments. The SWIFT Code contains 8 to 11 alpha numeric characters. To obtain this information, you can check your bank account statement or contact your financial institution.



Domestic Routing Code

The Domestic routing code identifies a bank and branch when a wire is being sent using a local payment system. In Canada this is called a Transit Number; in the US it is an ABA Number; in the UK it is a Sort code; in Australia it is a BSB number.  


For Canadian Banking Institutions, the 5-digit Transit Number is located at:

For US Banking Institutions, the 9-digit ABA Number is located at:

For UK Banking Institutions, the 6-digit Sort Code is located at:


For Australian Banking Institutions, the 6-digit BSB Number is located at:

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